When the musicians of MAQAMUNDO met in 2012 they had the common wish to play music which draws from two sources - Arabic and Spanish music - since they all agreed that both traditions were complementary and overlapping.
Conclusive enough they chose the name of their band:
‘maqam’ represents the Arabic music scale and the word ‘mundo’ means ‘world’ in Spanish.
  • Maruan Betawi - Oud, guitar

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    Maruan Betawi was born in Irbid, Jordan. Growing up in a multicultural family, granted him access to the different musical influences of the world. After starting his music journey by studying piano at the age of 10, he found his true musical calling when he began playing the Oud.
    In 1999, Maruan Betawi joined the National Music Conservatory in Amman, Jordan, bringing him a series of remarkable concert opportunities. After moving to Deggendorf, Germany in 2005 to pursue his studies as an engineer, he later joined local band ‘Los Locos’, performing a mix of latin and pop music with Arabic touches. In 2012, Maruan Betawi, together with his brother, Ismael Betawi and Marliese Glück put all of their creative focus in the new musical project, MAQAMUNDO.
    From 2013, he lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but still keeps his ties to the MAQAMUNDO project, planning new and improved performances.
    Read more www.maruanbetawi.com
  • Ismael Betawi - Violin, percussion

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    Ismael Betawi was born in Irbid, Jordan, the youngest of three brothers. He began his musical education at the age of 7, learning the basics on the piano. Soon after he started practicing the violin. He participated in various school events and later joined the Orchestra of the National Music Conservatory in Amman, Jordan. He also collaborated with the Palestinian Youth Orchestra. Following the move to Germany in 2005, he began his studies in Engineering and joined the band Los Locos as a bass player. He developed a great interest in everything music related, including Sound Technology. His collection of instruments grew as he continued experimenting and added cajon, electric guitar, keyboard, ukulele. In 2012, Ismael Betawi became a founding part of Maqamundo, alongside his brother, Maruan Betawi and Marliese Glück. He also collaborated on several occasions with the Munich-based group ‘Gipsy Ley’ and the Flamenco bros.
  • Marliese Glück - Percussion

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    Marliese Glück is a Munich based freelance percussionist specialized in Oriental and historical percussion instruments. Besides MAQAMUNDO she regularly performs with different groupings of Worldmusic and Ancient Music. She also plays for Oriental dancers in class and on stage. Further she teaches Frame Drums and Darabuka.

    Marliese studied Musicology and Theater Sciences in Munich and Barcelona (Magister Artium) and became a Rhythmic Educator in 2008 (FMZ München). Over the years she took many lessons with the leading masters of Oriental and historical percussion - and she still does because of her constant effort to improve her artistic skills and her endeavor for inspiration.

    Read more www.drumndance.de
  • Oliver Nözel - Guitar

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    Oliver Nözel began his musical career in a more unconventional way, with rap and electric guitar, but soon after decided to devote his entire attention to studying the acoustic guitar. When he was 22 years old, he fell in love with the Spanish rhythms and never let them go since. Performing alongside ‘Los Locos’ and ‘The Jammers’ he got to develop his musical skills as well as his stage presence. Mostly performing a vast repertoire of popular Latin-American and pop music, he quickly discovered that his true passion lies in the harmony and soul of the Flamenco genre. Travelling to Spain and studying under professional Flamenco-guitarists became an absolute must for Oliver. He found a particular interest in Andalusia, with its rich musical history and connection to the Arabic culture.